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Saturday, January 01, 2011

The Manhattan FISH MARKET - Fish 'n Chips 1 for 1 with DBS & POSB Cards, 3 to 9 Jan 2011

The Manhattan FISH MARKET is offering everyone a fish-a-lious start for a brand new year with our 1 for 1 promo. Just pay for one but get twice the amount of satisfaction!
Valid exclusively only at The Manhattan FISH MARKET. =]


Anonymous said...

So Nice, but Which place (Where) ?

Anonymous said...

Plaza singapura and The central have this restaurant.

Anonymous said...

It's available at Junction 8 & Northpoint as well.

Anonymous said...

dont be deceived by this promotion. we were told that the promotion is only valid for one person per table. meaning to say, if you went in a group of 6, only 1 person can enjoy this promotion.


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