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Saturday, February 12, 2011

Borders Massive Clearance Sale@Sin Expo Hall 3A, 25 to 27 Feb 2011

Borders Massive Clearance Sale
25 February 2011 - 27 February 2011

Event type : Retailer and Sales
Venue : Singapore Expo, Hall 3A
Admission : Public - Free Admission
Event Schedules : Time: 10am to 9pm

Show Profile :
Borders Massive Clearance Sale

Organizer : Borders Pte Ltd

Contact Details :
Tel : +65 6854 7171
Fax : +65 6235 4981
Email : skchong@borders.com.sg
Website : www.borders.com.sg


Anonymous said...

Had a very horrible bad experience!!

Was really looking forward to the sale (Borders) after a day at work! Had dinner with friends. Reach Hall 3A at 8:03pm and was turn away! Like WHAT?

Closing time stated was 9pm. And YES, THEY CHASED US AWAY! And I heard even absurd story : THEY CHASED PPL OFF AS EARLY AS 7PM OR 7:30PM. I just don't get it! Just a few words to dismiss us away! Like we came all the way for the sales only? If Natas / John Little etc could have such long queues and not chase people away, then why is Borders chasing us away?

Whatever reason it is! Bad service!
Maybe they think that even after chasing us away, we would come back for the remaning two days! No way! I rather pay for good service!

Anonymous said...

If I had seen this comment earlier, I would not have bothered to go down Expo purposely for this!

To think that they did not even learn from their mistakes on Friday and repeated the same nonsense on Sat AGAIN!!!

Was denied from entrance with a crowd of people. Some were taking snapshots of the Hall, and sincerely speaking, I wont classify it as crowded...Most people were queueing for payment. Still, none could get in. Someone should educate them on customer service!

Wasted parking fee, but the most important thing was time wasted. I had to reschedule other stuff just to get there in time. Massive clearance sale? Yeah! They cleared the customers as well!!

Anonymous said...

Selection was limited (they don't even have a travel section). Probably the worst book fair I've seen to date (did not buy anything, waste of time)