Original Ricola Swiss Herb, Turns 75! Sweepstake - till 30 Sep 2016

In celebration of this milestone, Ricola has launched the Original Swiss Herb Candy in commemorative golden can; as well as a Golden Original Ricola Swiss Herb Sweepstake, where you can get a chance to win a specially-designed GOLD NUGGET in the shape of the Original Ricola Swiss Herb Candy drop.

Golden Original Ricola Swiss Herb Sweepstake

One lucky winner from Singapore will win a specially-designed GOLD NUGGET, valued at CHF 1,525 (estimated SGD 2,118) in the Ricola online Sweepstake. Weighing at 25 grams, the 18 carat gold nugget is forged into the shape of Original Ricola Swiss Herb Candy drop.

To qualify for this sweepstake, participants can simply visit http://www.ricolaoriginal.com from now to 30 September 2016 to test how well you know Ricola. Participants have 75 seconds to answer a series of questions and each question answered correctly will earn them an extra chance to win. The winners names will be published on the “Ricola Original Herb: 75 Years Campaign” microsite (http://www.ricolaoriginal.com). The winners will be officially notified via email.

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