How to store bak kwa?

Ever wondered how to store bak kwa?

Upon purchase, if your packet of bak kwa is hot/warm, open it up to cool it.

If your packet of bak kwa is already cooled, it is alright to keep them in a cool place in the meantime.
However, bak kwa being a meat based product, it is a delicate product that needs correct product handling. Therefore please store the bak kwa in an airtight container in a cool place. If you are unable to finish the bak kwa and would like to keep it longer than 3 days, you could store it in the freezer compartment and steam it again before eating. You can also choose to microwave at low temp for 2 to 3 minutes.

Hope this helps... btw, this tip is from someone at Bee Cheng Hiang! Thanks
fyi, their bak kwa contains no msg, no preservatives and no colourings. :)

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