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Thursday, December 04, 2008

Fossil Sale!

Folks, thank you so much for your Lobangs.... :) Enyc, Vicki, Miss Wan, Josy, Angeline and Sherri

Date : 6 December 2008, Saturday
12pm - 8pm Open to Public
Venue : Suntec Convention & Exhibition Centre
Level 3
Meeting Room 303, 304, 305
This round, we have 13 brands of watches on Sale, lots of leather items and
jewelry too.



Andi said...

this sale overall in terms of items sold is an awesome one. great quality watches and leather items, etc at cheap prices. however its obvious that the event was poorly planned. we were one of the unlucky ones who braved it inside the selection room to select watches that we wanted. we did this within two hours due to the crowd volume. as soon as we paid for the merchandise, we queued up for the collection which took us 5 HOURS (just ask anyone who was there and they will confirm this). When it was finally our turn in the queue, we discovered that they do not have our purchases and we were merely refunded for 7-8 hours worth of patiently waiting in line. needless to say we were pissed. i get it that fossil did not expect such an overwhelming response. however, i hope next time they have this sort of event a better system of tracking paid or unpaid purchases will be implemented. although the fossil staff were apologetic, it does not hide the fact that we just wasted a whole day queuing for nothing :(. Ours is not the only case. the people next to us were also refunded because their purchases could not be found. hope others had better luck than us! :)

Anonymous said...

That really sucks. I went there at around 2pm and almost fainted when i discovered the length of the queue. Lucky didn't waste my time there.

Anonymous said...

Ya, the que was really long but the wait was really worth it. Got a few great deals at more than 70% discount.
The place was just too small for such a big crowd. Was there for the last 2 sales, June & last Dec & it was not as crowded. I guess everybody is shopping cheap this year.