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Saturday, May 22, 2010


From Aida
Singapore's Handmade Stuff - The NEW free marketplace in SG for buying, selling or just browsing all things Handmade.


We are looking for all interesting, unique, talented, eccentric or even down-right odd people with a flair for producing their own handmade goods. If you have an appetite for handmade stuff and produce your own let us get together and develop a Singaporean Handmade Market Place



Web: www.handmade.com.sg

1 comment:

lj said...

Hello. How do i sell here? Thanks


Please send anything you want uploaded to : tualobang@gmail.com
Please send us a jpg image, title. Description of sale, start and end date and location

You will be credited with your name, email and website! :)
@TuaLobang - we're fair