X Marks the GSS Spot: The Wallet Shop GSS Xtravaganza!

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The TANGS Sale. till 27 Jun 2010


From Aida
Singapore's Handmade Stuff - The NEW free marketplace in SG for buying, selling or just browsing all things Handmade.


We are looking for all interesting, unique, talented, eccentric or even down-right odd people with a flair for producing their own handmade goods. If you have an appetite for handmade stuff and produce your own let us get together and develop a Singaporean Handmade Market Place



Web: www.handmade.com.sg

Household Fair@OG, 20% off, till 27 May 2010

G2000 Bazaar Sale@Wing Tai Industrial Centre, till 30 May 2010

Kose/Fasio Promotion @ John Little Plaza Singapura atrium, 24 May to 30 May 2010

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Kose is having promotion next week from 24 May to 30 May at John Little Plaza Singapura atrium. Special deals not to be missed!

BHG Promotions, till 27 May 2010

Super Sale (Till 23 May)
  Enjoy super fantastic discounts and Super Buys exclusive to BHG!
  More Details
Travel Fair (Till 27 May)
  The Ultimate Holiday Sale is back with luggage from $39 onwards!
Surfers Paradise Fair (Till 27 May)
Shoes & Bags Fair (Till 27 May)
  Don't miss out the super deals from Shoes (Everbest, Tracce, Kiki), Bags (ComoditeE, Guess, MEL) and many more!
Athena 7 Minute LiftTM
  More Details
Triumph Fair (Till 27 May)
Sundries Promotion (Till 27 May)
  Don't miss out the super buys from Elufa, Adore, Umbrella Label and many more!
Confectionery Fair (Till 27 May)
  Satisfy your craving with our selection of delectable tibits.
Interior Fair (From 24 to 30 May)
  Super offers from Jean Perry, King Koil and Kenko.
Gioven Kelvin Promotion (Till 27 May)
  Check out our super deals from Gioven Kelvin Men's and Ladies' wear.
Hush Puppies and Levis Lingerie Fair (Till 27 May)
Interior Fair (Till 27 May)
  Don't miss our super deals from Decotex.

Great Sale Surprises at Junction 8! (21 May - 27 June 2010)

Please visit www.junction8.com.sg for more information.

cK offers at Tangs, till 25 Jul 2010

12 May (Wed) - 25 Jul (Sun) '10
cK Timepiece Special
cK kicks off the TANGS Sale with attractive deals on their timepieces.

ck Bold Square
(Usual $560)

ck Classic PVD Pink Gold
(Usual $290)

ck Challenge
(Usual $320)

CKJ Accent
(Usual $280)

In addition, enjoy 10% off regular-priced items and receive a complimentary cosmetic pouch with any purchase of ck watch or jewelry.

John Little's Great Summer Sale, Men's Promotion!

The Body Shop GSS Sale!

Travel Bintan 2010 Fair happening on 20-21 May 2010.

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